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DVT and high blood pressure

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Advice Please....

I am 35 and have a history of high blood pressure and have just returned from business in Canada and USA to find a small lump on my lower right leg. My GP advised not DVT but because of bad family history I pushed for blood test. The next morning I passed a significant amount of fresh and old blood (no abdominal pain & not piles) and went straight to A&E. Blood tests, urine tests, X-ray and ECG show no issues although not suprisingly BP high. The doctor thought I was imagining the lump in my leg although my wife and I forced for an ultrasound scan which showed a clot in the calf.

I am now on Warfarin and the nasty belly jabs are now over and am waiting to see a specialist about my blood passing which is good.

However I feel slightly light headed, tired and generally very run down and am very concerned because I have mild cramping pains now at times which can be in the ankle, behind the knee and in the groin.

Is this to be expected? please advise so my wife and I can sleep at night.....
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replied November 11th, 2010
I am 35 years old after being in a car crash in June i was told i had a blood clot in calf and after seeing numerous doctors being told i had nothing else wrong with me was then informed i had blood clot on lung also, have had belly jabs now on warfarin and have same pains in ankle,backs of knees and groin also tired,light headed and run down i too would like to know if this is the norm.
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