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during which date we have to take care, n use safety?

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RVV wrote:
hello sir/mam,
i am 25 years lady. I married before 1 year. My husband use condom for safety. But now we both not enjoy with condom. We want to enjoy sex without condom, but i am afraid to be a pregnant.
My last period date is: 25th April 2013
So can you tell me, during which date we can enjoy sex without condom and we have no tension to be a pregnent. And during which date we have to take care, n use safety props?

Thank you...
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replied May 23rd, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Having intercourse using the safe period in order to avoid pregnancy is suitable only for those couples for whom pregnancy would not be more than a mild inconvenience because the method is not very reliable.

To use the safe period successfully the woman must have a very stable monthly cycle.
To use this method it is necessary to first establish which day each month you ovulate and this means keeping a careful note of the dates over several months while you keep testing yourself for ovulation, either by mucus testing or keeping a temperature chart.

The safe period is from the end of your period to five days before ovulation. There is some margin for error but not very much and if something causes you to ovulate early you are likely to conceive. There aren't any guarantees and if your cycle isn't stable you should not use the method at all.

If you don't wish to use the most reliable methods of contraception, which are the hormone based ones, then why not be fitted for a cap (usually called a Dutch cap) that covers the cervix and is generally used with spermicide to offer a slightly lower effectiveness against pregnancy than condoms alone.
Even a spermicide in foam or sponge form can offer about 30% effectiveness in the missionary position. Used in conjunction with the safe period it might provide you with an acceptable chance of avoiding pregnancy.

Good luck!
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