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Duration of recovery after a TIA

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Hi, I am 26 years old. I had TIA a month back. The doctors were not able to find the exact reason for stroke, various causes mentioned were B12 deficiency, Slightly high BP 130/80 and some Cholesterol (My BMI index says perfectly fine).I have regained complete movement in my left leg, Arm movements are regained but my finger movements are taking some time, I am able to hold objects. Do you think i will get all my movements back and any approximation on the duration of recovery

Thanks in advance
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replied October 14th, 2010
Recovery from stroke
If the doctors told you that you had a TIA, but you still have symptoms, then you should start to wonder if they know what they are doing. If your symptoms were caused by an issue with the blood vessels in the brain then by definition you have had a stroke as you still have symptoms. This is really quite unusual in a 26 year old. Was damage caused by a blocked blood vessel (in 'infarct') demonstrated on an MRI scan?

After a stroke fine finger movements are often the last to recover. Physiotherapy will optimise your recovery. The physiotherapists should be able to make a stab at how long recovery will take based on your progress so far. From your description it seems likely that within three to five months you will recover fully, but the worst case scenario is that you will be left with minor clumsiness of your left hand.
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