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Dull pain groin left leg area left testicle numb penis

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Dull pain in groin area / numb penis

Hi, ive been having this problem on and off for most of 2010. I cant remember exactly when it started. When I used to stand, I would put all my weight on my left leg. I started to notice the top of the leg, around the penis and groin started to ache. So I switched legs when I stood. The pain/ache stopped and a tiny bit could be felt in the right side. So I decided just to stand normally. The ache stopped for a while. Then it came back in the left part again. I went to the doctors twice, they examined my penis and couldn't find anything wrong. I was put on antibiotics for a week, didn't really make a difference. When ALL of this happened, I thought it was my left testicle that ached. And a bit of my leg. The problem went away for a while then started again around early november. I then realized it wasn't my testicle, it was the bone (I think that's what it is) that can be felt on the left side of my testicles. That's were the ache is coming from. Also the top half of my leg is aching. I don't know why this is happening, please help, it can get quite annoying.

Another problem is the fact that my penis is numb. I don't get any sensation and can hardly feel anything "good". I can still feel pain, but no pleasure. I come around 1 - 3 minutes and hardly have a problem getting it up. It has been this way all my life.

Please help with these two embarrassing problems. Sad

I am 15 years old and obviously male.

I am not fat or overweight, I would consider myself to be "normal" in weight terms as a 15 year old boy should be.

When I went to the doctors, they only examined my penis, nothing else, apart from the areas around it slightly.

I have never had sex

I have had a hernia, but that was around 10 years ago and on the right side of my bladder area. Around 4cm up from my penis an 10cm to the right is were I can see the very faint scar.
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First Helper JayUK26

replied December 31st, 2010
I have been suffering with very similar symtoms since August 2010. I first encountered this problem after a week of having regular sex. At first it felt like the dull ache was in my left testicle but i couldnt determine exactly where the ache was. I am now feeling it more in my groin and upper inside leg, its not painful but very uncomfortable. I went to the doctors in September and he had a feel and said my tubes inside my testicles felt slightly swollen and so put me on anti biotics, these did help but the ache simply came back.

I went back to my doctor and he gave some more antibiotics incase it was a water infection of some sought which he first thought.

The ache went away for a couple of weeks but came back a day after having sex and so i thought it must be sexually related. I've had wee samples done and nothing has been found so far.

This is where i am at so far and as explained, the ache is more in my groin and upper leg now, not so much in my left testicle as first thought. I am 26 years old and obviously so anxious about it, i dont have patience to wait around for blood and water samples, i want to know whats wrong! I have another appointment next week at the doctors so hopefully i will have a diagnosis soon.
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replied August 28th, 2012
i am having the same problem.what is your condition now? how to get rid of this problem.please help.
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replied January 1st, 2011
Its good to know someone else is having the same problems as me, and hopefully it shoudlnt be anything serious. I am going to the Doctors next friday so like you, I will hopefully have a diagnosis soon.
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replied January 24th, 2011
Hi guys did you find something on this ? I am having similar problems.
The Left part of the shaft aches constantly (very minute but constant).
This causes my left leg to be uncomfortable aswell.
I have been to a urologist but no help.

your guidance will be highly appreciated.
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replied July 2nd, 2011
pain in the left testical
hiya im the same i get numbness feeling and a bad pain in my left testical and the pain goes to my gruin and stomach but im to embarassed to go the doctors do u know what it could be ?
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replied July 19th, 2011
Guys.. sorry I didnt post earlier. I get this problem from time to time, but it just goes away after a while.
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replied October 18th, 2012
I get dull ach in groin and thigh area. went to urologist twice he gave me flo max but it didn't help. It seems like seveal people have same problem but nobody knows how to treat it. It seems like it has something to do with some kind of strain symtom.
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