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dull mid back pain (left side)

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for at least a month i have had this dull, constant pain. it like partly on my side and could be considered my back. this pain is constant as long as im sitting down or leaning to the left. if i stand up or stretch it almost disappears. any suggestions on what it might be?
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replied April 10th, 2009
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Have it checked out with your primary doctor and then go from there as to whether you may or may not need to see a spine specialist.

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replied April 11th, 2009
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dull mid back pain (left side)
Hi there

The muscle involved is the anterior serratus, the lower section of the muscle. On an energetic level this muscle is related to the lung, and could indicate a problem with the lower lobe of the lung. On the left the lung has 2 lobes (in most of us) on the right 3 lobes.
We test the muscle by having the arm extended horizontal to the front and applying slight pressure on the wrist. If the muscle 'gives' it indicates a weakness in the muscle and the lower lobe of the lung. Reasons could be plenty. Are you a smoker or live with a smoker?
Leaning to the left would shorten the muscle somewhat and alleviate pain so I think I am talking about the right muscle. The anterior serratus runs from the outer surface of the upper 9 ribs to the inner surface of the shoulder blade. It actually draws the shoulderblade forward and elevates the ribs.
It is often involved in breathing problems like emphysema. One of my books (Touch for health, John Thie D.C) tells me foods rich in Vitamin C and increased water intake are indicated.
When these muscles are over tight because of a lack of Vit C and water, they tear easy. It makes you feel like you have to breathe shallow.
2000 mg of Vitamin C and about 3 liters of unchlorinated water would be needed.
Massaging the points between the 3rd and 4th ribs, next to the breastbone will be beneficial but painful. Do this about 8 times a day for 30 seconds at a time. These are neuro-lymphatic points and will 'reset' the energy to the muscles.

Good luck

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replied April 7th, 2011
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I also find that collagen tablets help in the recovery as well as the massaging.
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