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Dull Chest Pain Center Of Chest for Months

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Hi. I am trying to find more information on what could possibly be causing the dull pain/pressure I've been feeling in the center of my chest since Oct (8 months ago).

I am 30 yr old female. Not a smoker. Not a drinker. Have been exercising regularly for about the last month. No other health concerns that I know of. Family history pertains mostly of diabetes and health issues related to smoking.

I can't pinpoint anything that "triggers" my discomfort but I can say that it is NOT worse when I exercise. I usually notice it most when I am sitting still, or driving etc.

It is usually a dull ache/pressure. It just feels like there is something in my chest. I have read a lot of comments about anxiety being a cause. I do not feel I have anxiety. I am, however, a single mom of a two year old boy and work full time, so I am very busy and do have my moments of feeling "stressed"

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. I do not have insurance so I am hesitant to see a doctor and undergo expensive testing if it's stress related, as running up hospital bills on my income will only make it a million times worse!!
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replied June 23rd, 2009
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Try to check your blood pressure regularly for certain period of time to see if you suffer from high blood pressure.
Hypertension is known as "silent killer", and chest pains are common complains in people with elevated blood pressure.
Stress can cause the same quality of pain.
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replied June 28th, 2009
Well I checked my blood pressure. It was 112/88. For me that is high. Usually I fall around 110/70-76. I guess I will have to break down and throw money at a doctor to tell me I am over-stressed and under-rested. So frustrating!
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