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dull ache under ribs and back

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I have a dull ache under ribs to the right lower and left lower, also the dull ache is also in my back location mid back level with aches at front ,,,the back acheng is also both left and right side,,,the back acheing is worse while in bed particulary as i wake in the morning ,like there and have to turn on sides. Any advice ,,ive had these symptoms for a number of months now
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First Helper ridejt

replied March 2nd, 2009
ribs ache
i have ache in ribs as it seems many times i can't breathe problem i went to hospital..they ask for ultrasounds..and i got scared...i did gain as wel wait i was 54 kg till august 2007..and now i m 70 kgs..please suggest and help
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replied April 30th, 2009
back pain
I have a dull ache on the right side of my back. The location is just below my ribcage near the waist. It hurts more when I lie down. I also notice it when I lean forward. It does not hurt when I touch or otherwise externally move than area with my hand. Any help would be appreciated. What could this be?
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