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Dull ache under and above left breast

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Hello there Smile I have been having an ache under my left breast that's internal for about a month, sometimes it switches and is aching above my left breast also internal. I just had an EKG 5 months okay and it was perfect. I went to the ER also had three EKGs, a chest X-ray and echocardiogram and everything looked good and sounded good according to the cardiologist. Also blood work two times didnt show signs of enzymes related to damage to the heart.I was then referred back to my doctor who did another EKG which was also perfect. It feels more like gas but has still not gone away. Nothing triggers it, it's on and off, there is no specific activity that I am doing such as moving, bending, laying, coughing or anything that I notice brings it on.. It just comes now and again everyday for about four months now. I am still worried about it and was concerned if there was another cause. I am 25 years old, no family history of heart issues, breast issues, breast cancer etc, blood pressure is great heart rate is perfect, and not on birth control or have had children or and serious injury. Does anyone experience this? Thanks so much for any responses
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