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Dull ache around left testicle

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Alright, Here I go.

So, I'm nineteen, and regularly spend a lot of time behind my computer; I'm trying to go into Programming, you know?

But I was just sitting around yesterday, playing a game, when i realized there was a dull ache that was coming from my left testicle, or perhaps even behind it.

I was confused; I hadn't done anything; There shouldn't be anything wrong.

Over the past couple days I've noticed some other things too:

Occasionally, the pain in my testicle is tied to the upper half of my left leg;

When waking up this morning, both of my hips hurt like I'd been squeezed really hard, or perhaps had been laying on them too long; this is odd, because I always sleep on my side. However, when I laid on my back, I immediately felt a bit better all around.

Occasionally, I'll get a slight, stinging pain just below my stomach/from my stomach; I'm unsure if this is tied to this or not, as it seems to just happen at random.

Here's the reactions to several things I do:

Laying down: This has been varied; Sometimes, when I lay down, I don't feel much pain at all, and im pretty comfortable; Other times (when I am in bed) the slightest movement of my leg can bring about pain in my testicle.

Sitting down: This one doesn't vary as much, it kind've comes and goes; It'll ache for a moment, and then I'll feel relatively fine, then the ache will come back, and then I'll feel fine, repeat ad infinitum.

Standing up: This is, ironically, when i tend to feel my best; I started to catch on late yesterday that for some reason, the full ache and pain in my leg was either less noticeable or considerably better while standing. In an effort to try and rid myself of this incredibly awkward ache, I braved the heat for a walk yesterday and felt great a majority of the way, only really getting the ache once and it quickly went away; A majority of the pain then seemed to come from my leg, which would occasionally sting if I stepped in a particularly jarring or different way.

I used to regularly Masturbate; but it always made me feel like a bad person; So I've been trying to wait atleast three days before I even think about doing it again; The last time was sometime last weekend, so I don't think its particularly tied to that, and I did it again yesterday as a test to see if it cause me any pain or anything, and there was absolutely no reaction any different than any other time.

I'm hesitant to do much, I live in a very religious town (or at least, I've been around a fair few of them) and they seem to fornw on anything too sexual, which puts me in the particularly awkward position of having an ache from my left testicle; so at the moment, I haven't done much about it.

At first I've assumed that it was merely from me sitting around so often, and this morning makes wonderi f part of the problem isn't that my bed is too hard, or that I've just been sleeping wrong for some reason.

Any help you all can offer?
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replied August 4th, 2011
you should go to the doctor because you maybe have a varicocele like i do have too....
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