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Due to the closeness of the "inner thigh" to her vagina...

Yesterday around 1:00PM my girlfriend and I were "fooling around", and she proceeded to give me a hand job. I ejaculated all over her inner thigh and got a small stain on the bottom leg of her shorts. However, we wiped up the *** almost immediately. My girlfriend is not currently taking birth control, and I was not wearing a condom. Due to the closeness of the "inner thigh" to her vagina, we agreed that she needed to take some sort of emergency contraceptive. Around 9:00PM (8 hours later) she took the Plan B morning after pill. Is she still at risk for pregnancy?

Obviously we have learned our lesson through all this stress and she has agreed to take birth control as well as my agreement to always use a condom for any and all sexual activity.
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replied July 5th, 2012
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There should not be any risk at all. You need to get a substantial amount of semen inside her vagina to get her pregnant. And it sounds like she had her clothes on.

Please warn her that she will likely have withdrawal bleeding (a period caused by the pill hormones leaving her body) from the Plan B about 7 days after taking it. And her real menstruation and cycle will likely be disturbed for a month or two.

She can take a pregnancy test 21 days after the incident, and do a confirmation test 7 days later, just to make sure.

At least one of you should keep your clothes on at all times to prevent problems. Best of luck!
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