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dry spots on penis

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the foreskin on my penis has begun to get dry patches. the dry patches do not bleed or scab, sometimes they even seem to disappear. but as soon as i stretch my foreskin, be it for cleaning after urinating or during an erection the dry patches reappear.
during sex my penis feels fine as long as there is sufficient lubricant. but as soon as i ejaculate inside my girlfriend my foreskin begins to burn where the patches are and i have to stop because the feeling kills my erection real quick.
the dry spots first appeared after a long session of sex. i thought it was just raw and would be fine as long as i kept it moisturized. but it keeps coming back. i dont have any std's and i only have one partner.
i went to my doctor and he told me that i am probably allergic to my semen. but why all of a sudden? my diet has ALWAYS consisted of chili and other hot and spicy foods. i have NEVER had anything like this. my girlfriend says that she also feels the burning feeling after i ejaculate inside of her, then she runs to the toilet to get the sperm out. i have looked all over the internet for weeks and no one knows what is going on. everyone has a million and one cures and then everyone else has a million and one reasons why the cures are bogus. whats going on with me
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replied May 22nd, 2013
Same thing happens with me and my husband. Are you still dealing with it?
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