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Dry Skin On Penis

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I am hoping someone can offer me some advice on a problem I am having with dry skin, first I will tell you a few details about myself:
I'm 17, uncircumcised, a virgin, and I masturbate a few times a week.

Now for the problem:
For about the last 6 months I have had recurring dry skin on the underside of the shaft of my penis and between my scrotum and leg area (inclusing mild dry skin on the side of my testicles). The dry skin on my penis seems absolutely harmless as there is no excessive cracking, it is absolutely painless yet everything I have attempted to remedy the problem has failed. The dry skin between my scrotum and legs, however, seems to be a little worse as on my right side the skin has cracked a little with the crease in the skin.
I will try to describe the dry skin as best I can: it appears to be confined to my genitalia (however I do get dry skin on my upper face, but no where near as bad), it comes and goes day by day, it is not itchy or painful, when the dry skin has gone the healed skin feels smoother than normal skin and appears to be a little shiny. The dry skin itself does not come off in large flakes and I can not simply rub it off.

I have tried the following:
Regularly applying mild moisturiser that is of neutral pH, bathing in Johnson's baby oil, leaving the skin alone for up to 3 weeks.

If you have shared my symptoms or know of anything that might be of help to me, please post!

Thank you very much in advance.
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First Helper KristinSh

replied February 27th, 2012
Try putting grape seed oil to a wet towel and rub it on dry areas just before you get out of the shower. If it is only dry skin issue I am sure it will help. I had similar things on my face, it was very helpful.
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