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dry skin around mouth with food allergy

My son has multiple food sensitivity that manifest in forms of skin rashes, attention deficit and overweight. We are seeing a naturopathic physician and are doing the elimination diet. Lo and behold, the skin rashes, attention defict and overweight problem went away like magic, but the skin around his mouth is very dry and flaky and will not go away. The doctor suggested changing toothpaste, which only worked for a few days, and the dryness came back. It doesn't itch or bother my son in the least, it's a cosmetic issue. I tried petroleum jelly one night and he woke up with swelling in the area it was applied. What else can I try?

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replied June 11th, 2008
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Is the skin around the mouth itchy, too?
Try an emollient moisturizer. The greasier the moisturizer the better!
He can also start using fluoride-free toothpaste.
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