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Dry skin and chaffing on penis

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I dont have sex on regualr basus with my partner, but on weekends when we have our free time I recieve oral maybe 2-4 times and actual intercourse 1 time. I have had previous chaffing on the shaft under the head of my penis which eventually went away during a 5 day period. As of now I have dry skin on the shaft of my penis. I was using Cetaphil soap before any problems occured then switched to Dove soap and now Oil of Olay soap which moisturizes my very dry skin well but seems to dry my shaft out. What is the problem the changing of soaps or too much oral sex over a period of time? (We have both been checked for STDs and we are both clean.)
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replied November 20th, 2008
If you suspect a soap allergy, I'd suggest that you use a soap made of natural oils like olive oil...but with NO CHEMICALS ADDED. Even Dove and Oil of Olay and cause the reaction you describe. Try that out and see how the skin feels and if your penile skin continues to peel, I suggest that you seek the help of a urologist who might be able to diagnose possible bacterial or skin infections.
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replied October 2nd, 2012
Burning/Peeling Skin on Penis - Balanoposthitis
I've had really bad burning and dry skin/skin irritation/ painful skin and I applied Neosporin and covered the penis with plastic wrap (food wrap) so it can heal better without drying up the Neosporin. It seems to work first but it got worse! Don't bother with this! Go straight to your doctor!

I finally went to the doctor and he said it's Balanoposthitis. So he has me on antifungal cream and antibiotics and a day later it's much better although there is still redness/scab-like stuff on the top of the head and a bit around the rim. I'm cut. I'm glad the unbearable pain is gone! Now it just gets irritated every so often but that heavy pain in the penis and around it is gone.
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