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Dry penis head with peeling smelly skin

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For a couple years somethings has been a bit off with the head of my penis. It smells bad and really strongly and the skin peels alot on over the head and under the foreskin. I have to clean it a least twice a day because it smells so strongly. And sometimes it is also very dry.

It started a couple years back after I slept with a girl who turned out to have thrush. The clinic gave me an anti fungal steroid cream I believe, hydrozole(?). And that sorted it out but some symptoms remained if i stopped using it. The dryness I think.

It has been a couple years and I have returned to the clinic and gone to doctors a few times but they have tested me and I come up clean. Though they noted the dryness.

The only thing I can think of is some skin sensitivity problem from over use of the anti fungal cream. Or a different fungal problem that cream wasnt suited for.
I am the waiting list for a dermatologist but it will take months. I have read tonnes of web advice but no one seems to have quite the same issue. One recommended applying yogurt to the area?
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