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Dry Patch on Arm

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I have one dry patch of skin on my left forearm that is causing me concern. It is not red, itchy, or bothersome in any manner, it is just worrisome. It feels scaly to the touch, and when you look at it the patch looks sort of like healing sunburn: it has tiny white flakes peeling off. But again, it feels really rough and scaly, not like a healing sunburn at all, and it is just a patch the size of a half dollar, so I know it cant just be sunburn. It is just really hard for me to describe: maybe the best way is to compare it to really dry hands, how they get all scaly. Please let me know if I should get this checked out.
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replied May 7th, 2010
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I think I have had the same thing on my comes and goes. Never had it checked out but I did put Vasaline on it and it went away. I would keep in moisturized. If it comes back, you could ask the doctor about it next time you go for another issue. Wouldnt hurt to use Selsun blue shampoo on it as well. They sell a generic version of Selsun Blue so its cheaper than the brand name. Its good for different types of Skin issues.
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