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Dry itchy lip line

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Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I have this dry itchy lips line. It started just weeks after I got my tooth extraction. First, I thought it was an allergy reaction, but its been too long. So I thought its just a normal dry lips. I put lip balm everyday. But after a while, I notice its not my lips, its the UPPER and LOWER LIPS LINE where the lips and skin meet together that really itch and dry. Its been a month until now and its not healing. I put lip balm in the morning and with moisturizer at night but still nothing happens. It starts to really itch every right after I eat or when the lip balm dries/wear off. I stop putting lip balm and moisturizer to use something natural just yesterday and replace them by putting garlic. It hurts/burns for a minute but after a while it turns fine better than lip balm or without lip balm. I survive a day without itchiness.
Can you help me with this problem? I really-really want to get rid of it. Its really driving me nuts

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