Had glaucoma surgery 4 years ago, did real good, Dec 2011 put on snythroid for thyrode problem, low hormone, within two months developed moderate dry eye, on liquid tears 6 to 7 times a day, July 2012 severe dry eyes, Dr put me on a a stronger artifical tears but does not seem to help much. My eyes got so bad, I could not stand any light, drive a car, watch TV, I sat in a dark room all the time, I read where Senthroids can cause severe dry eyes, so I got off the medicine on Sunday Aug 5, 2012, I will talk with my Dr. about this next week when I see him, but I question is, Will my severe dry eyes get any better now that I am off senthroids, I need some relief, I am at the end of my rope. I would rather die off senthroids than live with this severe eye syndrome. I have an appointment with my Eye Dr on Thursday Aug 9, this week, but she is probably unaware that this drug can create these serious problems. Please help and give me an answer. I am miserable
I amn 65 yrs old, in good health except for glaucoma, tubalectomy 4 yrs ago and cataract surgery 3 yrs ago.
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replied November 6th, 2012
Hey JFC65, it's true that drops and certain medications can worsen dry eyes. It sounds like your problem got pretty severe, and it's probably a good thing your doc took you off the medication.. Have you gotten a Schirmer or TearLab test done?

I am a dry eye sufferer myself and my poignant moment with my eyes was when I discovered eye exercises. They won't work right away, but with a little perseverance, the eye exercises will actually help strengthen your eyes and stimulate your tear ducts- all at once. I also discovered that including more vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids into my diet can have HUGE benefits when it comes to treating dry eye.. Hopefully this helped, let me know how everything goes for you.
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