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Dry Cough mostly at night or lying down, no cold symptoms

Hi! I've had a cough for about two weeks now and I'm not sure what is triggering it. There's a very small/normal amount of mucus that will sometimes come up when I cough but for the most part, it's a dry cough and will cause me to cough about once an hour throughout the day. I don't have any cold symptoms; I physically feel exactly the same as I did before this cough began. It dose not seem infectious-- I live with my partner and another roommate and they're both totally fine. The only thing I can really note is that the coughing mostly happens at night and/or when I'm lying down. Tonight, for the first time, it woke me up. It seems like it may be getting worse. I'm a 23 year old woman I don't have any medical conditions or allergies that I'm aware of.
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