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dry cough + itchy throat

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sometime in August 2012 last week had tonsillitis (had NO cough, fever only) and was recommended for antibiotics (augmentin 625), the tonsillitis was done with antibiotics (though lost couple of kilos as I had low appetite and could eat anything due to tonsillitis), but then started the other problem within next day, after this slowly dry cough started and could feel a itchy feeling in throat, which wouldn't go with the same antibiotics i had for tonsillitis, later doctor recommended for allergic tablets (Montair lc) and dry cough syrup (chericof), although there has been improvement in my condition, but hasn't been 100% fine, I still feel mild itching in throat and dry cough !! I have NO other symptoms like fever, not feeling weak , my appetite is good, no difficulty in swallowing food, although due to coughing in bursts the throat hurts sometime.

I am 31 year old , non smoker, but occasionally drink couple of beers (like once in 3 months) !!! these days I have gone low on physical activities and guess my immunity system has taken a beating.

Is there any I need to be worried off ??? are these symptoms something related to throat or a lung cancer ???
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