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Dry, burning throat with slight lump for six months

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I’ve been waking up with a dry mouth in the morning for about a year now. But in the last six months, in the middle of the night my mouth is extremely dry and my throat has been dry and burning. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, there is a buildup of lots of phlegm in my throat and I have to drink water to get it down. As soon as I wake up, move around, and drink some water, all the dryness, burning, and phlegm soon disappear. However, when I swallow I feel a little lump to the left of my Adam’s apple (I’ve had this for six months now). The lump feels less noticeable after I wake up, move around, and drink some water, but it’s still there during the day even if only a little noticeable.

There are no white patches on my tongue. I guess that doesn’t mean there aren’t any deeper down my throat. The ENT ran a scope a couple months ago and saw only a little inflammation. I have no GERD symptoms.

Any ideas as to what this could be? Candida overgrowth? I don’t know that I’m a mouth breather at night, but could that cause a constant lump feeling in my throat? Salivary gland infection? But would that feel better during the day and worse at night?

I’m 45 and healthy. I’ve never had any health issues. Normal weight for my entire life. Blood work is all normal. There have been no changes to our family life or environment. We’ve been in the same house 13 years. I keep a pretty healthy diet.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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