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Drugs vs. TURP to Treat BPH

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Recently diagnosed with bph.
Started Rapaflo 2 weeks ago and that is helping with symptoms.
Urologist advises TURP may be required in 6-12 months.


Will the addition of Avodart shrink the prostate and avoid TURP?
Rather than deal with the side effects of 2 potent drugs, should I just get the TURP performed now since I may need to do it anyway?


Age 60 (father age 87 has had kidney removed due to cancer and presently has bladder cancer).
Currently take no prescription or OTC drugs except Rapaflo.
During routine physical exam, blood in urine found (2+); PSA was 0.78; DRE seemed normal.
Cystoscopy showed no tumors in bladder, but did show the prostate had enlarged into the bladder.
Ultrasound showed 130cc's in bladder after urinating 4 times in 2 hours.
A further urine test showed possible atypical cells.
CAT Scan of kidneys and bladder then revealed a "mass in bladder".
A second cystoscopy concluded the mass in the bladder was in fact the prostate enlargement.
FSH Test performed - no atypical cells - biopsy of bladder not considered necessary at this time.
No clear cause identified for the blood in urine, but the enlarged prostate into the bladder is suspected as causing irritation.
A third cystoscopy scheduled in 6 months.
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