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Drug interactions with alcohol

I am bipolar, have generalized anxiety, and panic attacks. I recently experienced memory loss, blackouts, slurred speech and trouble gripping things like pens. It started Monday night (was not that bad) and then seemed to get better Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon it got extremely bad. I went to the ER Tuesday night and they ruled out a stroke. I had three or four drinks Sunday night and I am trying to figure out if it is possible to have a latent effect with my medications. I am currently on 150mg of Trazadone, 20mg of Lexapro, 100mg of Lamictal, 200mg of Welbutrin, and 20mg of Sonata
Note: I was perfectly fine all of Monday morning and most of the afternoon.
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replied October 31st, 2012
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I have been on an SSRI and a SNRI along with depakote and then lithium for the past 3 months and you would have NO IDEA how deathly ill I have been. I have many times thought that I am dying and yes I have been dying. I called poison control and they told me to go to the ER and I said NO WAY as I went before and they did nothing but put me in the Funny Farm for 3 days and charge me $8,000 and did absolutely nothing and did not know anything. So I called the Crisis Worker who said to wait until I see the Doctor today, and then I talked to 2 Pharmacists who said it definitely sounded like I had that darn Serotonin Syndrome. Well, the heck like I am going to wait for some doctor to tell me I can get off the lithium. I dropped it last Saturday and I go to see the Doctor in 2 hours and boy do I want to tell him where to go, but alas I had better take the duct tape with me to cover my big mouth with (plus my husband is going with me). This is LETHAL! You have no idea how "drug cocktails" can KILL YOU! I can't say it enough. There are alternative things to take out there. Watch out for the Medical Profession. They are only "half there" when it comes to what they prescribe for you. They have no clue at times what they are doing. For God's sake, watch out for yourself because they will not. They seem to have a few screws loose when it comes to what the medications will do to you. I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said "I think I have heard of it". She thinks that - oh my - what are we coming to. These guys should know these things. If we do not speak up for ourselves, we will be dead. Enough said.
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