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*Drs Won't Help* Long battle with extremely sore hands

Hi Everyone,

I've had this skin condition mainly affecting my hands for a few years. I get flare ups that last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, then my hands go back to normal for a couple of weeks max before the cycle starts again. I've tried several emollient creams which were suggested by aq dermatologist a couple of years ago with little success, I've also tried several moisturisers, coconut oil and cortisone cream (I am on a full steroid replacement dose for type 2 Addison's disease which means there is a limit to how much extra cortisone I can have from creams etc.)
The pain I get from my hands is excruciating; they blister up as you will see in the pictures and randomly start bleeding, even touching them with water feels like acid. The Drs I've seen basically say they are not too sure what it is and there is nothing they can do so I'm looking to see if anyone has any idea from the pictures ( what the skin condition could be called and also any tips/ideas on creams, home remedies etc that could help.
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