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Drmatitis , ringworm , or spider bite ?

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About three weeks ago, I noticed a tiny red bump on the inside of my wrist. I thought nothing of it, but it began to spread and itch. Now it is about the size of a nickel, and it is red, very dry and flaky, and only itches every now and then. I'm not sure if it's some kind of skin allergy or actually an insect bite.

Can anyone help?
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replied January 21st, 2010
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Doesn't sound like a spider bite. It could be dermatitis or ringworm. Ringworm can start out as a little red bump, where the fungus starts to grow, but then spreads out into a circular or ring-shaped lesion.
Dermatitis can be caused by many things, including reactions to bug bites, laundry detergent, and jewelry.
Ringworm is a fungus and can be spread person to person, animal to person, or animal to animal.

A picture of a typical ringworm infection (which by the way, can be cured with athlete's foot cream or spray):

A picture of contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis:
(bugbite): splay.cfm?ImageID=-999087472
Contact irritant dermatitis: splay.cfm?ImageID=517862452
Contact allergic dermatitis: splay.cfm?ImageID=-1410187365

In order to tell if you have either ringworm or dermatitis, you need to see a doctor. If your lesion becomes swollen, oozes pus, gets bigger, or if you start to run a fever, make an appointment with your doctor asap, as an infection could be brewing. Not all dermatitis lesions look alike, and not all ringworm infections look alike, it is best that you see your doctor, who is better equipped as well as certified to diagnose and treat you.
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replied January 22nd, 2010
Thanks so much for the info! That was very helpful.
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