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dreams are now constantly as a female?

ok, since i was six, id usually fantasise about being a girl. I also tried some crossdressing as a teen, and although i went off that after a while, the "being a girl" thing stuck in my head. The kicker is that its gotten steadily worse as I grow older. As a kid, it was just a daydream, as a teen, a masturbation thing every now and then. Now it's to the point that I can't masturbate without thinking it, daydreams are always female me regardless of the content, if i see a woman on tv or in a photo i think of myself in that position, and dreams are now constantly as a female. If im playing a game, i keep finding myself making female characters to play in it without intending to, and recently if im not paying attention i forget what i am and THINK im female, with sudden realisation back with a feeling i can only describe as a vacuum effect in my brain. the forgetting myself bit is what is worrying because its seriously disorienting, and waking up, THEN going "oh wait, im a guy" sometimes really depresses me for forgetting. to make matters even more awesome (sarcasm), ive seriously considered transgenderism, but no, that isnt it. i'm not interested in the operations and pills and life changing procedures and stuff to chase this, especially as i have a sinking feeling the reverse would start and id start imagining im a man, and i dont think i could handle all that anyway, and at the end of the day i LIKE being a man, in every other aspect of my life Im a bloke, and enjoy it thoroughly, i have blokey hobbies, and blokey mates, and blokey views on stuff that matter, like wrenches, and up till now this was all just some daft fantasy left over from beng a kid... but if someone gave me a magic button that could turn me into a genetic woman without the pain and grief for me and family is... a pandoras box sort of feeling. I dont think i could say no to that, despite my whole life saying otherwise, and the little voice in my head telling me that id just hate it. is this normal, and is there a way for me to stop it before the disorientation thing gets me injured? id like to cross a street without worrying ill lose my attention and get hit by a car.
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