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Douching with bleach water

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I'm really worried about my best friend(my baby sister) who confided to me that she douches with bleach water. I told her I didn't feel it was a safe practice. She compared it to being just like going swimming in a pool that has chlorine. I want to know if there are potential risk. And can doing this be harmful or fatal even over time and in what way? As of yet I have not come across someone who can give me a straight answer that I may be able to better explain why she must stop this behavior! She has been doing this for a year almost that I know of, and she said she only does it when the smell comes back. I've never smelled her smelling bad thoe...She had contracted trichamonas and it never cleared up she said even with repeated antibiotics and leaving the guy that gave it to her. The Dr. just gives her metronidazole pills & gels repeatedly and she got fed up because every two weeks the discharge would come back, so she started douching with bleach and that seemed to do the trick for her but now she swears by it !!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank_you !
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replied April 14th, 2009
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this is a bad idea..did she really get her condition cleared? did she take ALL antibiotics? is she REALLY not having sex with the guy that gave it to her bc if she has and he hasn't been treated she'll just get it again...i would definitely not recommend doing this
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