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Double Vision after TransDerm Scopolamine

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My wife was given a Trans Derm Scopolamine patch post op for nausea. After it was on for 5 days she experienced a brief moment of double vision (diplopia). She removed the patch that night. The next morning she had double vision. She has now had diplopia for 7 days with no improvement. She has spoken with our local Ophthamologist who told her to speak to a Neurologist, who told her to speak to her primary doctor, who didn't have a clue. I realize the duration varies from patient to patient, but is there anything that she can do to speed up her recovery? Should she let her eyes rest to recover? Or should she exercise them to help her brain adjust and compensate and maybe correct itself? I've read some people experience Scopolamine withdrawls but they don't mention double vision, just a return of their nausea. I still wonder if applying another patch and then weaning her off of it would restore her vision?
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