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dont know if hes my babys dad or the second guy ...

so im currently pregnant due june 9th but im very confused i might sound stupid but i really want to know

i had PROTECTED sex with an ex a day before my period had started

which my last period was september 3rd it lasted 6 days so i ended it on the 8th

on the 10th of september i had got back with my other ex boyfriend and we had
unprotected sex

the guy i had protected sex with said the condom didnt bust and i believe him cause i know he would be freaking out and what not (he didnt know i was pregnat)and i member i saw him checking it after we had sex

but in a way im scared cause i dont know if hes my babys dad or the second guy
because the weeks dont add up to me i try counting from the 10th of september and im always a week less but when i count from when i started my period it adds up right
when i use a concieve caculater it says i concieved the 17 of september
when i looked into it, it says that doctors count from when your last period was before you got pregnant

can someone explain im so confused i hoped all this made sence lol
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replied April 20th, 2012
Experienced User
the doctors always count your last period as you already being pregnant, thats how they get your due date.
it's the ex's, dont stress Smile
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