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dont have jaundace and have not lost enough weight?

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I am a 38 year old male, married just a year ago for the first time. Non-smoker, does drink, no history of Pancreatic cancer in my family. I am frustrasted with some of the medical help I have gotten in my home state of Ohio. I went to my GP and list my symptoms and concerns and was told simply......."You look healthy since you dont have jaundace and have not lost enough weigh........your fine take some xanx. People with PC are yellow and green."

I made an appointment with a GI who at least ran some bloodwork but, thinks I have likely colon problems and potentially new appearing diabetes. Blood work not back, and he did do a physical hands on pressure check of my abdomon...for what ever good that is....i experienced no pain.

A little over a month ago I had a thrombosed hemroid removed but other than that felt fine (in retrospect now I am think high portal pressure and increased clot tendencies make sense?)

About 3 weeks ago i started to feel kind sick in a strange way when i drank alcohol. Also seems to get intoxicated in after only one drink. I have since stopped drinking as that seemed prudent. I then started having alot of gastric reflux and heartburn issues. About 2 - 2.5 weeks ago I started to feel kinda of down in the dumps for no reason and kinda spacey.

Then about 1.5 weeks ago my appetite when to nothing........kinda had to force myself to eat. Around this time i noticed vague discomfort in upper left abdomon and a little same feeling around left mid back. Also at this time I started getting fatigued and wanted to sleep and rest more. 2 weeks ago i did a 7 mile hike and then mowed the lawn so kinda a difference for me!

My stools have mixed between floating and not but recently have become lighter and more yellow......sometimes sold sometimes not.

About 3 days ago I came down with diabetic symptoms. Pee alot...I mean alot. In an attempt to eat more calories I had some candy and got real shaky for the rest of the night. Extremeties feel kinda week and shaky at times........i noticed less problems when i eat more protien related foods. Had a little blurring of vision just after i would get up from laying down. Appetite came back yesterday and i felt better, but today i feel bad again and appetite down again.

My vague back and upper abdominal pain in still there and seems a tad worse. I comes and goes......and is actually better when laying down than sitting (good sign?)

I having problem with ED that i have never had before........heard though this could be diabetes related. Wife says I am a hypocondriac as do my folks. Wife is also upset with me saying it is all in my head.......and she is upset that I have not been my chipper self lately.

No jaudace and a while ago i was kinda itchy but that kinda went away. Facial flushing though started today.

I weight about 265. Lost about 10 lbs since this started.

I am an airline pilot by proffesion so I can go anywhere for testing/medical intervention. I heard MD Anderson is good if my condition is in fact cancerous.

My mind has been none stop the last couple weeks. I thank god i have no children. But I am newly married and both my parents are still alive. I worry for them more than me. I researched this and I have a 1/500,000 chance of this being cancer at my age.......but I have read people in there 30s get this. I hope that I am wrong but can't see how..........perhaps its just chronic pancreaitis which as I have read is MUCH more common at my age than pancreatic cancer at my age. I do not though remember any acute attacks though in the past as such.

Any recommendation or information would be obviously greatly appreciated.

I cant talk to my wife about it this which makes it worse. I feel that I more or less a walking deadman at this point.

My heart goes out to those and there loved ones afflicted by this terrible disease.

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replied November 16th, 2011

Stop messing around! Go to another GI or oncologist and let them know your ailments. I had problems such as yours.....especially the left side pains and pains radiating around the back. My GI doctor sent me for a CT scan and found a tumor on my pancreas....I was diagnosed with islet cell neuroendocrine tumors. You may not have this, so don't let me scare you. You may just have pancreatitis or something else.

The thing is, find out what your problem is. Early diagnosis is essential...remember, it is your body and it knows something is not right. Get a second opinion NOW.....I hope the best for you. You owe this to your wife and kids. I hope you find out what it is and good luck.
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replied November 16th, 2011

I had colonoscopy and endo scope done week and a half ago.
All clean except gastritis. Got abdominal CT done week ago. Clean results
With no pancrease issues and only liver issue was fatty

Got HIDA scan today to look for gall bladder issues.

I guess with the clean CT I should be oka.....if I have had werid symptoms
For a month any tumor should have shown up?

Still have this damn spacey brain fog....shortness of breath
and problems sleeping. I wake up 1-2 hours after falling asleep
and I have this anxious adrenalin feel. Hard to return to sleep.

Stools have returned more to normal. Yellow to light brown...large and solid.
It's seems though that food runs through me real fast.
Left side body neurological symptoms and full body muscle twitching.

Feel better with the CT and more normal stools....but I really
Want to know what's up!!
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replied February 3rd, 2013
Hi I was reading your blog and very interested because I've had the same symptoms recently, what was the outcome?
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