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Don't give up hope if post-op pain last months

A hernia surgery is supposed to be "simple". People have recovered and are active within weeks and certainly within a month.

Sometimes that is just not the case. If you are suffering from post-hernia surgery pain like I was it can be very dis-spiriting to be two months, three months, four months post surgery and still be in pain.

In my case, it gave me hope to find a story in the forums of someone who still had symptoms post-surgery further out than where I was at and still eventually got better.

I'd like to pay that back so-to-speak.

I suffered from pain, feelings of chafing, burning, swolleness well into my ninth month and tenth month post surgery. I explored mesh removal surgery, but didn't do it.

About eleven months to a year out, I had improvement and finally healed.

Now two years plus out, I can report that while the pain once in a while returns, overall, I'm symptom free.

Sometimes it can take a year to fully heal. Don't give up hope.
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