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Don't feel anything on g spot

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I need help I had sex like 7 months ago with my ex-boyfriend. He liked it but I didn’t moan or feel anything and it was our first time having sex together, but I lost my virginity a long time ago. After I lost my virginity I would masturbate with my self and I really liked it and I thought everything was good with me but once I had sex with my ex I feel like something is wrong with me and now when I masturbate with my self its not the same feeling as it was before my g spot isn’t the same. What can I do to feel in g spot?
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replied February 2nd, 2010
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Lovenzn, I do not think that there are anything wrong with you. Having an orgasm during sex is much more difficult than on your own. Your partner does not know what feels good for you or how you feel at any time. Women will often have to stimulate their clitorises themselves while the man is inside her to get an orgasm. A lot of foreplay also helps.

When you masturbate, do you stimulate your clitoris or your g-spot? Getting a man's penis to touch your g-spot is fairly difficult. It is normally possible when you are on top riding him, trying all different angles and face towards him and away from him. The classical doggy style also allows for good g-spot stimulation.

If you orgasm from G-spot stimulation, you will have to tell him that, most likely you will have to show him how you do it for yourself and you will have to explore the positions with him while giving him directions (up, down, deeper, faster, slower etc.) Remember that he does not have a vagina and does not have any idea what it feels like for you, or what you are feeling at any one time. Even for yourself, it can change on different days of your fertility cycle.

Take care!
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