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Doesn't make any sense... blood sugar in the 200 avg range.


I have high blood sugar in the 200 avg range. I do not have any of the classic diabetes symptoms such as extreme thirst or fatigue. I exercise regularly (3-4 times week). I went to the gym from 8-9. I did some cardio for 30 minutes then some strength training. I eat basically healthy - no soda and no fast food. I eat tons of salad, vegetables and nuts. This morning I wake up my sugar is 240. Doesn't make any sense. I would have thought that since I exercised yesterday, by body would have used the glucose in the blood. I did not eat anything after returning from the gym.

I have started to take Chromium polynicotinate for about a week now. I see no results yet.

My weight is about 190 lbs and I am 6'.

I have am having a blood test from LabCorp being taken this morning. I will see what the results are. Checking glucose, AIC, insulin, etc.

One thing I have to mention is I am very emotional distressed. I am having problems in my marriage (for another topic). Could this be a reason for hyperglycemia?

Im confused! Is there other reasons besides diabetes, that would make someone become insulin resistant?
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replied March 24th, 2014
I'm glad you're having lab tests done to find out more information. Not every person diagnosed with diabetes is overweight and sedentary just as not every overweight and sedentary person will develop diabetes. There's a genetic component to diabetes as well, and sometimes we don't know the exact cause. The good news is that there are many things you can do to manage diabetes, and you're making a good start by working with your doctor. ~Lynn
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