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Does yoga help me to loose weight?

Hi all

I am 30 years old lady my weight is 90Kg. I tried different doctors for my weight issues. They advise me to have exercise and control diet. I have controlled my diet too, but it seems no benefit at all. Shall I join yoga classes. Does yoga really help me to lose weight? Any experienced here? Please suggest me what to do?
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replied September 13th, 2016
If you think about yoga as like about exercises, it cannot help you to lose your weight. But if you join to a good class, there will be also breathing exercises. In this case your body can start to change.
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replied December 1st, 2016
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Yoga is of various kinds. Gentle Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Hot yoga and so on. If you want to lose weight Vinyasa and Hot yoga are good options. Also since yoga helps to eliminate stress, it helps to lose weight as well.
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