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does touch of penis cause pregnancy

after 2 hours of masterbate, without cleaning it, can the touch of penis to vagina cause pregnancy... please rply soon...
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replied December 14th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

NO. It takes millions of sperm to cause pregnancy. Just of few sperm deposited on the outside of the woman's genitals, will not cause pregnancy.

While it only takes one sperm to actually fertilize the egg, it actually takes millions of sperm to get the job done. This is why men with low sperm counts are functionally sterile.

Sperm are not very hardy, they die quickly outside of the body.

For the sperm to get to the egg, from the outside of the body, they would have to survive to get to the vagina. They would then have to swim all the way up the vagina, find the cervix, and penetrate the cervical opening. They would then have to travel all the way across the uterus to one of the Fallopian tubes. Since the egg only comes down one tube each month, the sperm have to pick the correct tube (a 50-50 chance), so half will go up the incorrect tube. The sperm then have to swim up the Fallopian tube to meet up with the egg. If an egg is present. The woman has to have ovulated recently.

It is also now known that one sperm, alone, cannot fertilize the egg. It actually takes thousands of sperm, each releasing enzymes, to break down the barrier on the outside of the egg (the corona radiate).

So, it takes hundreds of millions of sperm, deposited deeply in the vagina, to produce a pregnancy.

There are still stories circulating around, from decades ago, when it was thought that it only took one lonely sperm to cause pregnancy. But, it is now known that this is not true. But, the stories are still perpetuated. Mainly to keep young people from having sex and to use contraceptives. Which is a good idea.

So, if you are about to become sexually active, or already are, get on some birth control or have some condoms handy, if you do not want to get pregnant. It is much too easy to get caught up in the moment and get carried away, ending up in full sexual intercourse. Which does have to chance of pregnancy.

Good luck.
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replied December 15th, 2012
thanku so much
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