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Does TMJ heal?

Hello, my name is Nick and I am just about to turn 15. I went to my doctor and described my problem (cracking when I open my mouth). He told me it is most likely TMJ, but it could just be a fluke and go away. He told be to get a bite block and try it out, so I went to Walmart, got one, and wore it lastnight. I'm going to wear it for another week or two and see if anything changes. My question is, because I am so young and TMJ just started bothering me last saturday is there any hope that it will heal if I don't chew gum and wear a biteblock as my doc said to? It's kinda depressing thinking I might have to live with TMJ for 80+ years :/. I have had very minor pain so far and it only just started making the poping sound, which gives me hope that I caught it early and they could be a chance to fix it. Any answers are welcome.
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replied November 9th, 2010
I just talked to my mom and told here exactly what I have and here reply was "Oh yeah, I have that too, I just ignore it."
This was my face ---> O_O
then it changed to this ---> -_-
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Just made an apointment with the dentist to get my teeth looked at, possible causes include the already mentioned grinding teeth in sleep, wisdom teeth coming in, or the fact that I have an overbite. If this could be solved with braces I wouldn't complain.
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