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Does this sound like sphenoid sinusitis?

Hello everyone, I am posting the note I detailed of my symptoms that I will show my ENT on Monday. I wanted to share to see if I can get any opinion if this sounds like sphenoid sinusitis

Since sometime as far back as October-November I have felt a pressure on the back of my skull, and on the front of my face below my eyes and above my eyes. It was milder back then but it continued every day.

I started a job as a light weight cashier with the purpose of saving money for a college move, I noticed I was more sensitive to sounds than before.

Slamming a liquor bottle cap on the counter just once would make my head vibrate for an entire hour.

My girlfriend recalls me complaining about this problem back then, and I had a botox shot for my usual migraines from my neurologist in November but it did not do anything at all.

I have been getting migraine shots for about two years prior, every three months. They helped. I got a few migraines a month. But last October I started getting that pressure. It was different.

So again it helped before but it did not help me this time. It did not reduce the vibrating pressure I was experiencing.

Work became more difficult by December and I decided to do physical therapy, both for my back and neck since I had a mild back issue...I thought maybe I needed to work on my neck?

But I have never had whiplash or anything like that so this was all so strange.

In early January I started my script for therapy. I found it was very helpful for my back but there was something off about my head and my neck.

I completed ten of twelve visits but I stopped without finishing. Because I have had a headache for every day, that never ends from to back and it is affected by sound.

The neck exercises they were having me do were sending me home in even further unbearable agony. If my constant headache was a seven, the exercises would increase it to a nine.

Around that time, I tried several cortisone shots for relief in my neck and I received none.

I noticed in January that my nose was blocked up with mucus that was far thicker than it should be and it was the first time I became aware of myself having a bloody nose.

It was a small amount of blood. Whenever I saw it.

I did not think much of it at the time or the fact that I could have a sinus infection.

Prior to that my nose was running much more frequent than usual and I was having and I still am, heavy drainage into my throat.

I had a month-long cough in January as a result of the drainage. I had a Z-pack but it did nothing. I was never able to cough up the mucus even back then.

I saw my neurologist in early February when I was due for another Botox shot. I asked her while she was prepping the shot if we could talk and she said sure.

But I only had around forty seconds to speak. I tried to quantify that it is not normal that in two-three months my headaches changed from on occasional to lasting every day, every moment.

And she just said she thought it was from standing and staring down at the register at work.

I never got the chance to truly express my concerns with her until a month later after calling several times. She sent a new medication through.

After I took all of my Imitrex in a week due to having such severe head pain.
And then I was left crying with no pills.

The new pill Vistaril did absolutely nothing to treat my headaches, nor did it abate them. And in the space between February and March the pain I was in creeped upward in intensity.

I started to cough over the sink and choke on mucus that I could not get up. One day I coughed up a solid piece that had me alarmed. It had me feeling like I was choking through the rest of the day.

Like my throat was far too lubricated with the mucus.

And no more came up afterward, but I got into see my ENT after that.

Since mid-February to early March my ears hurt with a heavy pressure. Again, the pressure on my face is getting worse. I do not feel a migraine should last over 150 days.

I spoke with my neurologist again on March 12th, after calling for three weeks to get in. I clarified my concerns. As best I was able but she just said once more she thought it was head and neck pain.

She gave me Naproxen to take with my Imitrex when I was already taking Motrin and it made no difference in the month to follow up to now on April 9th.

That was the sole change. I told her that the pressure on my head becomes so severe that it becomes hard to focus at work. I have been off on the till several times, $15-$20.

I am usually precise with money but the pressure rises up in the back of my head, affecting my ability to talk. I can feel it in the front of my face.

I become confused during these times where the constant headache peaks and make mistakes I would not usually make. This deeply concerns me.

Not because this simple job is my goal in life. But it is affecting my ability to function.

I feel more fatigued than I should be, I sometimes manage to sleep but yet I don’t sleep well. Meaning I can sleep my usual 7-8 hours and I wake up…just exhausted.

And it is that way all day every day lately. Work or at home. I am getting out of breath often as if I just ran a mile.

My personal feeling is that this head ache which has not stopped is bearing down on my head and my energy level.

I have not had a day with no headache in almost six months. Sometimes it is mild, and sometimes severe but I can always feel it. It is not my imagination and I am not exaggerating.

I requested my neurologist to order a scan of my brain, I said I do not think I have a tumor but this never stops. So, she said she would order it to reassure me.

I got the CT recently and I was diagnosed with nasal vestibulitis, my nose is red inside, it has been bleeding lightly since as early as January.

Likely before. I have had thick mucus in my throat and in my nose, the drainage never stops. I am a vegetarian and I do not eat much dairy.

But it is in some organic products I buy, and if I eat even some, like a small amount in just one meal these last two months I am sent to the sink choking.

My taste buds are lessened, nothing has tasted good for at least a month and a half. Likely longer.

A few days ago, as of April 9th I coughed up phlegm with traces of blood in it.

My eyes have been itchy and the pressure under them has been truly grating at my sanity.

I am using the cream as directed and I acquired a script for prednisone but it has only resulted in my coughing it up a few times.

I recently went to ER last Friday at 8am because my head was driving me insane.
I cannot take much longer of this never-ending pressure and I was seeking someone to listen.

Long story short they were of no use but it was bad enough to go in.

I was informed that my cat scan came up clear, all normal. But the ER doctor told a sinus infection cannot be ruled out since it was not a sinus CT.

The fluids they filled me with did not reduce the pressure in my ears, in the front of my face and at the back of my skull.

When I try to do anything for fun, I cannot have fun because my face vibrates when I speak, if I drive to a restaurant with my girlfriend 30 miles away, the pot holes in the road make me feel like I am being beaten over the head with a metal bar.

I have cried when I am alone in my car because every rattle hurts so bad and intensifies my already ever-present headache/pressure.

I sit in the dark with no sound, the back of my skull hurts when I lean back on my couch and when I go to bed. I go to sleep with it and wake up with it.

When I am exposed to loud sound I get dizzy, a heavy vertigo feeling.

I have had tooth pain on the right side of my jaw in early March, that had me thinking I had a horrible cavity. I almost drove to the dentist for a walk-in, but it vanished after a few days.

And then after a few weeks it came back. So today I drove teeth are all fine.

I am having a harder time focusing on activities than a few months ago. I speak but thinking almost feels like it’s a strain with this pressure.

My mother was reminding me that I have a history of horrible sinus infections even when I was a little boy, and that I used to take several rounds of antibiotics and sometimes it still wouldn’t go away.

She said something about me having tubes in my ears.

My nose has cleared up from the topical but I do not feel better. I strongly suspect the sphenoid and I am now getting a sinus ct.

It is taking away all joy from my life and affecting my daily functions. I am horribly depressed and I cannot continue on this way.

I have exhausted myself with my family doctor, my neurologist, ER and walk-ins.

The last four days I have been trapped in a constant state of vertigo that is so bad that I am terrified, I am spinning when I stand. I go to bed and wake up that way.

It abruptly ended mid day today and for no reason whatsoever the headache increased in sharpness when the vertigo eased.

I apologize for the essay but I can barely focus to recount all of this.

I do not want to get a second ct back to back but I feel I have no choice. I want relief so bad. I wish I had gotten an MRI beforehand and then a sinus CT.

Any thoughts? Past experiences?

Thanks, and I just hope it's nothing too terrifying and I can escape this pain.
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