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Does this sound like Fibromyalgia??

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Ive never wrote to any of these sights but I find comfort in reading everyones stories...I too have been seeking some sort of an answer to my problems, I was also concerned a out ms but my mri came back good so I'm wondering if perhaps I'm following suit with my mother who was diagnosed with FM about 6 years ago. My symptoms are differentfrom hers which understand no two patients are alike w symptoms. I started with tremors in my left index finger when I started university in 2006...over the course of my 4 year degree my tremor spread from my left point finger to my whole left hand and arm and then to my right hand and my legs, then my face and now my whole body. With the tremors I also started having severe muscle cramps and soreness and numbness in my legs...when I'm driving I often think I spilt something wet on me from the cup holder but I'm always just feels like I'm wet. Climbing a flight of stairs became hard work and exhausting...I'm 28 now, too young to feel this way. Then I noticed I see "tracers" small specs in the distance, theyre transparent and move as I move my eyes, kind of dart around...sometimes I see a few and sometimes I can see up to a dozen at a time...from the time I graduated in 2010 till now I always feel nerve pain/sensations...most the time I feel the tight sensations from my finger tios up to my elbows but I can have any random never sensation anywheres in my body...theyre not so much painful just annoying and frustrating. I get headaches now a d never used to. The worst by far symptom started two years brain shuts off and I cant think at all....I mean at all.....I feel so alone with this new symptom because how do u explain to someone how you feel when you can't think....sometimes its a complete blockage of thoughts but other times I can't remember anything...names words, what I was doing, where I'm going, my own age, WHERE I PUT THINGS!!!! GRRRR....I'm so tired of disappointing ppl because I forgot to pick something or someone up or to go do something for them.....everytbing takes such an effort to think! I'm starting to stutter when I speak because my thoughts are so broken, words missing, completely forget what I'm thinking midsentence.....I know I'm not stupid but man does it ever make you feel it....its making me depressed at times....I'm a very happy positive person that has made the best of a lot really hard situations but I find it hard to stay positive with a this going on plus always feeling tirex and u my hands and feet are tingling and itching and my left baby finger knuckle is really brain isnt took my way too long to put this all together....on top of this I get vertigo when I'm over tired and I get completely overwhelmed with too many noises or loud noises....instant mind frustration where it takes all my strength to not scream at the top of my lungs in frustration....and it can happen so quick....and its so hard to let it go once your frustrated...I hate feeling this way cause its not in my nature I find my mind makes me frustrate more then anything but I try not to let it cause once I start stress out my tremors get really bad so its a catch 22....when I sit I lose sensation very quick in my legs or if I rest my arm on my elbow my forearms and hands go numb really quick. Heat never bothered me before I love the heat but now I find I'm worse all around in the heat so you can see why I was concerned about ms but I don't have ms apparently so what do you guys think? Does any of this sound like FM? I appreciate any thoughts. Thxs Melanie
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replied September 25th, 2013
I have fibromyalgia and from what I know alot of these symptoms can match fibromyalgia. when I read this I thought it could be fibromyalgia mixed with some thing else. Vision issues, concentration issues,shooting pain, and sensitivity to noise all sound like fibro. As far as I know numbness in people with fibromyalgia doesnt really go much further than hands and feet.

The symptoms that you put that sound like fibromyalgia could just as easily be something completely different though. It sounds like you have been to a Neurologist. You probably had you blood taken to test for things like Lupus and vitamin deficencies? There are alot of conditions that have symptoms of MS. I have been researching this because I have issues with full body numbness when I exercise. I really hope that you can figure things out!
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