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does this sound like a miscarrage?

so i was off of my birth control for a month,used a condom but it broke,missed my period after that , I thought it was because i put a new nuvaring in...... now a month later i have started bleeding badly with my ring in, which never happens. but not alot of pain the first day,then i had extreme unbearable pain and started bleeding even heavier the 2nd and 3rd day which never happens to me,its usually the pain is first way before my period then i bleed.I then was shocked when i passed a 3inx4in piece of tissue! it was huge and bloody had some white clear parts and had the feeling of soft skin but was hard to tear apart( i know its gross,sorry),i have had blood clots and some tissue in the past during periods but nothing like this! i was immediately scared when i saw this and started tearing up......there was not even a thought of being pregnant in my mind so i was not thinking about it already......does this sound like a miscarriage????.im filling super tampons like every scared.not sure what to think.if i go to the doctor in a few days will they be able to tell if i was pregnant??
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