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does this sound like a hemorrhoid?

i'm trying to figure out if this is a hemorrhoid, or something else. 9 days ago i woke up with a pinching sensation in my anus. it wasn't terrible pain, but i knew it was there. i went to the bathroom to investigate and found a small lump/bump just outside my anus at the opening. it felt like the tip of a swollen vein. i'm 47 now and remember this happening once back in my 20's. the pain subsided shortly after discovering it.

shortly after i had my regular morning BM i got the sensation of small piece of stool, almost like a marble, hadn't come out during my BM. what i did discover however was that the the little lump outside of my anus was the tip of the iceberg so to speak, and that the marble-like mass i was feeling was part of the protruding bump. the whole thing is probably the size of a Peanut M&M candy.

initially i figured it was a hemorrhoid, but here's the thing- other than the initial pain i've had none since. i have no itching, no bleeding, no discharge, no problems passing stools, no burning, etc. my situation seems to defy the catagorization to the two types of hemorrhoids. i don't think it's an internal prolapsed hemorrhoid because all the drawings i've seen online show it as something that "hangs" out of the anus, whereas my hemorrhoid (if it actually is one) is more like a vein that starts just outside the anus and travels along/underneath the sphincter wall to the inside of me. it's almost like a short worm (w/a fat belly) that's just under the skin, with it's head peaking out just a bit.

the fact that it goes inside me rules out it being an external hemorrhoid. it's almost like some weird kind of hybrid 'roid. i don't get it, i feel fine. nothing scary like swollen lymph nodes either. i just had my first colonoscopy 2 months ago and everything looked great. i wouldn't be concerned except for the fact that from what i've read online this should have gone away on its own in 4-5 days if it were a hemorrhoid. i started using an oral treatment called Hemclear which is supposed to shrink swollen blood vessels. they say it will usually do the trick after 5-7 days. well, today is day 5 and nothing has changed. it hasn't gotten smaller…nor has it gotten any bigger.

what drives me nuts is the weird sensation down there. feels like a marble moving around. if i'm standing for a while i have no awareness of it but when i bend over or sit down (or pucker down there), i can feel the marble rising up inside me. when this happens, the external bump disappears. then when i stand, i can feel it slowly creeping back down and then once again i can see/feel the little external bump. kinda seems like trapped blood moving up and down a blood vessel. but for NINE DAYS? anyone here ever experience or hear of anything like this? sorry this was so wordy, just wanted to offer as much detail as possible. thanks.
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