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Does this sound like a form of epilepsy?

I've read a lot in the epilepsy forum..and can relate to some things being said. I was curious as to if this sounds like a form of epilepsy to anyone? I'm a 27 year old female..definitely have anxiety, which I should be on meds for. I've gotten deja-vu feelings quite a lot in my life, which never gave me any other symptoms or issues.. just normal deja-vu I guess. One night almost a year ago I was in bed watching tv and feeling mostly fine. Now that I look back on it, I did have a lot going on. My bf was away for work, I was alone, wasn't sleeping all that well, etc. So anyways, I was watching tv and suddenly what I was watching seemed really familiar like i've seen it before. The more I tried to think about where or when I watched it..the more I started getting really anxious. Well it threw me into a full blown panic attack to where I jumped out of bed and had very intense de-realization/anxiety. Totally freaked me out. The whole anxiety/de-realization lasted about 30 minutes, but I was very shaken up after. Well now anytime I even feel any sort of deja-vu or things seeming familiar to me at all, I instantly get anxious thinking what happened before is going to happen again. I don't twitch, or stare off into space, and I wouldn't even call it 'intense', it's more just scary and sends me into a panic thinking it's going to happen again. Any thoughts?
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replied August 20th, 2011
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hi, your should google 'how exactly do aura's feel'

Just this month, I had a seizure, but the same day in the morning I got a few 'rushes' - thoughts rushing together about things which had happened in the past but when I tried to focus on one incident, suddenly i couldnt remember any of them. Also since the seizure, have rushes of what seems like cold blood running through my veins, memory loss, and feelings of anxiety or fear. and tingling of legs and hands.
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