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does the sperm die in contact with air?

Today is June 8th. On May 10th my boyfriend and I were messing around. We have never had sex, nor do i plan on doing so for a very long time. I gave him a blow job, most of the semen went in my mouth but some got on his stomach. he used his hand to get it then he wiped it on the couch. about 15 minutes later, he fingered me with that same hand. Is it possible for me to be pregnant? or am i just paranoid? Im on birthcontrol, but on the weekend of may tenth i had finished my pack and was suppose to have my period.. over that 3 day time span i did not take my pill.. i did not get my period that time, which happens sometimes. so i let him finger me. Im suppose to have my period now, but i havent gotten it. i have my normal period symptoms though- cramps, bloating, diaherra..etc. Is this really period symptoms? or could i be pregnant? does the sperm die in contact with air? please please help me.
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replied June 10th, 2013
Dear Swimmer20, sperm does not die immediately when in contact with air. I would say there is a very, very, very small chance you might be pregnant, but it is unlikely. Go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test to make sure.
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