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does she want to have sex with me? please help

ok me and my bestfriend like eachother, were both 18 and shes 17. she told me she likes girls, she was like on the phone "i have a confession to make, i like girls" and she told me she likes me too this summer. i knew she did because she was always smiling at me for no reason and saying things she wouldnt say to any other of her friends. and rubbing my side to demonstrate wat this guy did to me and another time showed me wat this guy did and rubbed the side of my leg then was like "we hold hands" and a couple other times stood close to me and just smiled and giggles around me for no reason and wen i ask "wat" she doesnt say anthing. another time we were at this guys house and was like, lets say my name is jen, she was like "jen would love to see me naked"

then the next day we had a sleepover and was like "lets make a video for ryan" i asked of wat and she said something about me being naked then she said jk. and that night she sleptover & she put her legs on top of mine. and another time wen she was drunk she was like "take u home" and that same night i forget wat she said before she said this but she was like "lick it off u" things like that she would say and do. shes not like that to anyone else but me. and 1 time i thought she was gonna say anything but she didnt and we looked at eachother for like 3 1/2 secs and i just giggled after. the day she told me she liked me over the phone, that night we went to the bar with another friend and drank, and we were talking outside i was drunk but not really drunk but wen i drink everything comes out, anyways i know i wasnt talking to her about being a couple because she

ended the conversation by sayin "i understand u may like both but were bestfriends i dont wanna make things awkard" and im like "it wont be" then the next day she brought up about how her bf thinks somethings goin on with us but i denied it cuz im shy. she didnt give any clues about anything after that but she was still smiley and giggly around me for no reason and we were acting kinda "couple like" i think its bcuz the truth was out between us and we can let our feelings flow easier.
but anyways, some other things she said to me in the past and in the summer are; a conversation led to her sayin that she would let her bf have a threesome with (lets call her summer). i repeated her name like, "summer?" and she changed the subject quickly. i know thats true bcuz her bf brought it up and i can sense she was getting nervous bcuz i was in the car with them, & her bf was like something like "uve meantioned it more than i have" & she didnt say anything. the next day we all chilled with the girl for the 3sum, me and my friend that likes me went outside & i went to shut the garage door and i heard the girl say "i dont like her" and her bf was like "it was a joke" i know that was about the 3sum. in the past she said this, "!**@! licker" & im like "oh yea" in a sarcastic voice. and saying things like "jen likes girls" "i think ur gay" "are u gay?" ive only dated guys. also in the past this was our conversation: me: "f u" her- "u wish" me- "oh yea" her- "dont deny it baby its like u never dreamed out it"

Now this in the present..she always wants to sleepover at my house but wen we go to bed she never makes a move? I think shes shy though but i dont know bcuz of the stuff she has said to me
btw she made allll the moves i never had to make any so if she wants something she will make a move but i dont know why she hasnt at our sleepovers lately. also another conversation was like this; me-"f u" her- "u wanna f*** me" me- "oh yea" and the night she told me she likes me, i was drunk and we were in a car and i was like "lets have a 3 sum with me u and ryan" (something along those lines) she was like "oo" like in a sexual kinda way, like she would like that..
shes only made out with girls wen she was drunk or on a drug, im like the only friend of hers she hasnt made out with, we pecked on the lips wen we were drunk back in the day and wen she was drunk she kissed me on the cheeks close to my lips one night
i wanna f*** her bcuz i like her and im curious for her but i dont wanna make a move i want her to bcuz wen i thougth she wanted to be with me she denied it, but im like wats with all the hints, shes like wat hints, i think i was wrong by thinking she wanted to be with me. but by these hints, does she just want to have sex with me??

she flirts with me sometimes a little bit
I dont really think it would be awkward if we experiment with eachother, we have been friends for about 4 years now were bestfriends were really close. it wasnt weird or awkward at all wen we found out we like eachother and after i texted her asking if she wants to be with me and other time telling her i want her.
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replied February 17th, 2011
I think she wants you! Its obviously! May be shes a virgion... and she wants to look more seasoned then in real. In her age girls often play in "i like girls" and so on. I think the main reason is fear. she cant overcome these limits. I think you maust help her. Exite her and take. Sorry 4 my language. I write you from Russia:)
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