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Does Restaurant Food Have to be Unhealthy?

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I've noticed everyone always bashing fast food and eating out in general, and lumping other restaurants in with fast food which should not be done. This is making me feel extremely nervous, as someone who eats out a lot but does not do it like the average American and tries to eat healthy.

So, a little background. My family and I eat out. A lot. We go to restaurants multiple times a week, which I do not think is bad, except for our budget, as I don't like fast food all too much. But we end up getting fast food quite a bit too.

I was nearly anorexic for a while and still am to a mild degree, and now am currently worried about bulimia down the road. I can't stand calorific foods and always try to stay under 800 and it used to be lower. I also never order "American foods" such as burgers or fries, and I dislike any fried food except chicken which I only eat rarely. Additionally I am trying the Mediterranean diet at home and out a bit. I have a problem loving sweet food too much but do not usually order big desserts.

I am worried about this because everyone is always saying eating out, especially fast food, will severely hurt you. I do not have a typical diet like most "fast foodies", and can't even really eat greasy foods. I'm terrified that it will cause horrible problems like diabetes, or weight gain, both of which are two of my greatest fears. However I've been eating like this my whole life and nothing odd has happened.
I need advice. Is this really unhealthy? (please do not comment about 800 calories being "too small", I'm working on this with my doctor and diet) Or if you can't give advice, your condolences. This issue has been fraying my mind for the longest time and I get so scared whenever anyone references anything on this topic. Thank you so much.
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