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does pre-ejaculution cause pregnancy ?

What if pre-ejaculution of 2-3 drops leaked and the same penis I penitrate in virgin vagina 2-2.5 inch deep is there any possiblity of pregnancy? reply as soon as possible #tensed
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replied June 11th, 2013
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The short answer that is oft repeated in these pages is pre-cum cannot get you pregnant because it has no sperm in it but the longer answer is there are conditions where pre-cum might contain some live sperm.

Certainly the warning supplied with condoms is also the official position of the UK government and the UK Family Planning Association "always fit a condom before any sexual contact as sperm can be released before ejaculation".

There is always a possibility of pregnancy with sexual contact but the likelyhood is probably very small in the case you describe.

In order to keep yourself safe it is best to assume sex will result in pregnancy and to take suitable measures; use the method of contraception that will reduce the odds or the chances to an acceptable level.

Condoms and hormone based contraception are the most popular methods but there other types available.

Condoms alone are about 72 or 73% effective but when used with an additional spermicide this rises to about 93%.
Hormone types are in the region of 99.8 or 99.9%.
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