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Does long term manic episode increase suicide risk?

My husband has filed for divorce. I keep stalling because I fear for his life. He has been taking 20mg of Lexapro for a couple of years with no mood stabalizer. The current manic episode has been ongoing for almost 5 months involving an afffair of course. His oldest sister committed suicide 4 years ago. His other sister made an earnest attempt last week on Labor Day, taking 82 Zanax, 60 Zyprexa and a bottle of OTC sleeping pills. It is a miracle she is still with us. I don//\'t want a divorce without ever knowing what the proper meds would have done for us. How worried should I be about suicide? My Attorney listened to me about the first sister but became noticeably more alarmed by the events on Labor Day. My husband is becoming increasingly adgitated to the point I am beginning to fear for my own safety. How long can he remain manic? How concerned should I be about the possibility he will attempt suicide and should we attemt to get a court ordered psych evaluation? Thx. WenIN.
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replied September 25th, 2013
I had a cousin that was very much like your husband. She had a manic episode that lasted nearly a year. I have been told it can last longer. She is no longer with us. I myself would absolutely get a court ordered psych evaluation! Do what you can to stall him, but do not become arrogant. This is a very serious matter, and must be dealt with carefully. Maintain a vigilant eye, and keep your guard up. My cousin had become violent when she felt she was provoked. It took almost nothing to provoke her. Please be careful. Best of luck to you, dear.
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