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Does it matter what I want at all?!

I cannot stand my mother anymore! I'm almost done college and I have fantasies of when I'm not under their financial hood anymore of running away and not leaving a forwarding address.

My sister has severe autism and mental retardation, and growing up with her was a living nightmare. She was put in a residential facility b/c she was so violent once she reached adolescence but my parents still bought her home all the time so it kind've defeated the purpose.

Since my sister can't do anything, I'm expected to do all the milestones that a "typical" parent looks forward to. I'm supposed to get married (I don't want a traditional wedding, I really just want to run away to Europe and elope), have kids (I don't want them, I couldn't handle a child like my sister and b/c its in my genes my kids would probably be autistic too), and I'm supposed to take over and be my sisters guardian someday.

I have to have the wedding of my mothers dreams, give her grandchildren AND care for her seriously aggressive and deformed child?! I'm sorry but IMO that's way too much to demand of somebody, it's like she couldn't give two sh*ts what I want, it's all about her. I have to make up for my sisters deficiences and it'd alot of f'ing pressure! I'm supposed to raise a family AND care for my sister?

I really just want to run away with no forwarding address so they can't dump her on me in the future. They don't ask me to take her over, they DEMAND it! I don't think it's right to put that on me, or am I just selfish?
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replied February 20th, 2012
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Yes it matters, a lot.

Once you are done college just leave. DO what you want. Do you have money or are you able to work to save enough to get away?

Your future is entirely up to you and what your mother wants is not your problem. Take control and be who you want to be, soon as you can afford it.
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