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Does he have autism? questioning validity of the diagnosis

I'm a father of a boy who is Turning 4 in 2 months, He's paediatrician and one Child Psychiatrist thinks he is ASD , but I'm starting to question the validity of the diagnosis ,

He doesn't speak yet ... but from time to time he babbles a lot.
he repeats what we say sometimes
he doesn't when we are counting to 10 , I say 1 he says 2 , and so on
He says Hello and hi sometimes when we or strangers come to the house . or Bye when leaving
he says oh no when amazed , and no sometime s when he doesn't want something.
He's eye contact seems normal
has numerous facial expressions.
he is very strong willed
he hits himself in the head or the wall if he doesn't get his way but listens when I tell him to stop
he loves playing with the iPad , he play many games and very very good with them for his age
he is good with puzzles
he smiles a lot . and shows and understands emotions , ours his parents or his himself
he was late to potty train but now he even flushes himself and washes his Hands . sometime he still messes his pants
he is learning to ride a bike and make good progress
his got a good memory
he is very fussy with food .. but has started to eat better in the last 6 months
he is a very happy child .

We started him on Speech therapy and Occupational therapy.

Does this sound like. Autism .
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replied June 18th, 2014
Well, as your are describing your kid's symptoms, he seems to growing normally. All the symptoms that you described shows that he is well. Even what I would like to suggest you that you should tell these symptoms of your child to the doctor working on his case. May be he gets some conclusion out of it.
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