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Does Augmentin cause Male yeast infections?

I have had an ear infection the past few weeks and was given augmentin m my doctor.

After a while of taking the tablets I noticed my foreskin had gotten very itchy and very moist.

I'm very scared and worried.

Can anyway help?
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replied November 2nd, 2011
Male Yeast Infections
This is MY story with MY causes, MY symptoms and MY cures

My Story
It started with a very bad sinus infection In December 2010. I went to the Dr and was given a prescription for amoxicillin and then a second dose of Zpak. These antibiotics got rid of my sinus infections but started a chain reaction that seemed unstoppable.

About 7 days after I took the last antibiotics I started to develop an uncomfortable feeling on the tip of my Penis (see symptoms below). Of course the first things that will race through a mans mind Is STD. I went back to my Dr and told him about it and then provided a urine sample. The tests came back negative and I was given a different dose of amoxicillin (Augmentin). This made the symptoms go away while I was on it and about 7 days after. But the symptoms slowly returned after that. By now Im sure its a STD and I go back to the Dr. This time I went through the oh so enjoyable swab down urethra test. A few days later tests came back negative and I was given yet another dose of amoxicillin (Augmentin). At this point I am welcoming the prescriptions just so I can get some relief (even though I know it will be temporary). Same results as the past, about 2 weeks of relief. I went to the Dr 1 more time for a blood test which came back negative as well. At this point its August 2010 and Im pretty much fed up with Drs and I turn to the Internet for answers.

After multiple searches of my symptoms I stumble on yeast infection. I was thinking, there is no way I can have this, its for women. But I then searched by male yeast infections and it turned up several helpful sites. Thats where I discovered the drug Diflucan. I went back to my Dr yet again and told him what I had found and he prescribed Diflucan. This did the trick!!! All symptoms went away for about a 2 months. The symptoms started again on a much smaller scale after that. I believe they returned because of my very poor diet (see cures below).

The only problem I found with these male yeast infection sites was that I couldnt find 1 testimonial from any guys. Nothing from a real person saying what caused their problem, nothing telling personal stories of the symptoms and nobody saying what helped contain/cure the issue. Im not an expert but maybe this will encourage other men to add their stories/symptoms/cures.

My Causes
Antibiotics/poor diet/Booze

After reading more on Yeast infections I learned the very drugs that were giving me the 2 weeks relief were actually making the yeast infection worse. So it was a double edge sword for me. I learned antibiotics will cause yeast infections.

I also learned a poor diet will also feed the yeast infection. I like to think of myself as the sugar/chips guru. I was consuming way too many cookies, cakes and chips. Im 511 and only 175Lbs but very unhealthy. I just couldnt get rid of my chips. But with this eating habit I was helping the infection by feeding it exactly what it wanted.

My Alcohol intake was high as well. I really didnt drink that much on the weekdays but the weekends I would drink a lot. This also fed the infection. I would drink Beer and Captain Morgan spiced rum with diet coke.

My Symptoms
Uncomfortable sensitivity on tip of Penis, red head and depression

I had 3 major symptoms over the last 10 months (broken up a bit with the medications I took). The first to show up was the very uncomfortable feeling on the tip of my penis. Not the whole head of the penis, just the very tip. There were no bumps or anything leaking out but when I walked or even lay down it just felt raw (like you are wearing sand paper underwear). I ran on a treadmill everyday and this regiment stopped because walking was almost unbearable so there was no way I could run. The only time of day it wasnt as bad was right when I woke up. It would start a few hours later after Im up and around.

The next to show up was a red penis tip. The whole head was very red. Kinda like if you grabbed it and cut off circulation.

The last symptom was depression. I dont think this came about by anything chemical within my body. I think it was caused by the pain/uncomfortable feeling in my manhood. The thought of an incurable STD and everything else that was racing through my head. And my sex life coming to a halt. With this happening to a mans most important part and the discomfort nonstop all day long, the depression sets in hard and strong.

***Keep in mind I did not have any pain urinating or any pain inside. It was all focused on the tip (pain) and the redness (the whole head of my penis). The shaft and twins were never effected.***

My Cures

Well, this is the most important part. I DO suggest you go to your Dr and get tested for all STDs. The male yeast infection symptoms are very similar to some STDs. It is VERY important you rule those out first.

When those are ruled out you can try the below.

1)Diflucan- If you dont have any allergies (consult your Dr) and you want to get fast relief, this will cure your problem as it did mine. But mine returned 2 months later. Some people are susceptible to reoccurring yeast infections.

2) Acidophilus pills- I take these daily now. You can buy them at Walgreens or health food store. These Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria and suppresses the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. It basically does what Yogurt does. I hate yogurt so I take these pills. If you enjoy plain yogurt then consume that instead. Make sure it is the NO sugar yogurt. These pills are very good for your digestive track as well. You can find these pills on sale sometimes and are not very expensive. I just bought 120 pills on sale at Walgreens for $16. 2 pills a day so its only about $8 a month.

3)Garlic pills- I take these daily now. The garlic is also supposed to keep things in balance. Again, not very expensive.

4) Cranberry pills- I take these daily now. Everything you read about yeast infections it says to drink cranberry juice. Im not a big fan of it so I just take these pills. The cost is about the same as the other 2 pills.

5)Water- Drink plenty of water. LOTS OF WATER. Drink plenty of it every day. Flush your system daily. Pee it out

6) Diet- While taking these pills, you will need to change your diet a bit. Im not saying become a diet saint but cut back big time on sugar intake, cut back on drinking Alcohol and cut back on chips/fries. Your diet will help prevent them in the future.

I hope this helped people a little. Im not a Dr, just someone that went through some awful times with my goodies.

Feel free to comment and let me know if this helped.

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replied January 14th, 2018
OMG! I have the EXACT same problem right now and I believe it's the augmentin. I am currently taking it for a tooth infection that ended up giving me a fever. Since this morning my little guy has been itching and I thought it was because I brushed up against a public toilet while going #2. I'll have to call my doctor on Monday...
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