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Answer medical questions on our site and we'll give you credit for it by publishing your name and qualifications next to your answer, on category headers and sidebars, on a doctor network page and occasionally on our homepage (see the screen shots below). We'll also feature the organization you are working for, your contact information, a website link of your choice, help you book appointments and more...

Answer all medical questions in a specific category every day. 1. Create a unique profile page to feature your experience and training
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Our platform attracts tens of millions of visitors every year (30M - 40M visitors forecast for 2009) that find us by searching for medical answers on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. When you answer medical questions, you're creating new opportunities for exposure. And our audience is getting BIGGER, not smaller. In the past year and a half, we experienced 25% quarterly growth. Typical visitors to eHealth Forum are aged 18-45 and over 60 percent are female.

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Marketing your medical practice should not be taken lightly - after all, this is your reputation we are talking about. Therefore, we invite you to contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help you.

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More about "Ask a Doctor"

eHealth Forum is a Health 2.0 social network platform where people submit medical questions and answers in a 100% professionally moderated environment. The "Ask a Doctor" section of the website has provided medical advice to members from qualified health professionals since 2006. Certified and professional doctors respond to individual questions which are then published to the public. This service is free to all, regardless of location.